Ukiyo media

The website first started out as - with a solo series entitled "I am a sneakerhead": 

In late 2016, we took the project a step further and changed our name to Ukiyo Media. Along this transformation we formed Sig Magazine. While Epsilon Magazine focuses on "sneakerheads" and picture of shoes, Sig focuses on passionate photographers from across the globe. Alongside this new Instagram account, we formed a new series of interviews: 

In September 2017, I teamed up with a local friend to start a fitness blog entitled "Motivational Thoughts":


Today most of our work is done on Instagram. Here is an overview on our different accounts: 



Followers: 20K

Posts on hashtag ( #epsilonmagazine ) : 55K


Followers: 5K

Posts on hashtag ( #Sigmagazine ) : 3K


Followers: 2K

Posts on hashtag ( #eupraxiafitness ) : .3K