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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 140 - @Annikamths


My name is Annika, I'm 23 years old and I live in a region called "Saarland" in the South West of Germany (It's really close to France, I only need 10 minutes to go there). I'm a student, but I work at a local youth radio station as a reporter/editor and in the sports department.

My love towards sneakers started when I was 16. My first pair was a Nike Air Max 90. I saw a photo of the Air Max 90 Infrared on Facebook, but somehow I couldn't find them online. So I bought another colorway, which was actually two sizes bigger than my own size. I didn't care because I loved them so much and I still think that the Air Max 90 is one of the best sneakers.

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Because I'm from a small region, there's no big city with huge sneakerstores. So I have to order most of them online. One of my biggest passions is photography. So I try to combine my sneakerlove with my love for photography. This is how I got into the Instagram world. I guess I own more than 70 pairs of sneakers, but I don't have any favorite brand. Adidas got really big because of the boost technology and I think one of my favorite sneakers is the Adidas Utra Boost. If you're looking for a comfortable shoe, this is the best you can get in my opinion.

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Nike Air Max are the best if you're looking for cool colorway. I love the City Packs and the OG colors. I wouldn't call myself a "hypebeast". I don't generally hunt for limited releases, I got my first pair of Yeezy Boosts only two months ago. I prefer when there's a good story behind the shoe. I love the way Nike explains some colorways of the Jordan 1's or 11's. Also the Air Force 1 CR 7 by the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo got my interest. (As a kid, he was limited to just two pairs of shoes, one for practice and one for school. They always ended up with holes in it, so his mother would patch them up. So his childhood experience was the inspiration for the patches design on his Nike-Collection.)

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Sometimes I make up my own story. My favorite is the Asics Gel-Lyte V Brazil Pack. I bought this one in 2014 right before the Fifa World Cup in Brazil and at the end, Germany won. It was a great time and my shoe somehow symbolizes my summer 2014. As a girl, it's pretty hard in the sneaker community. Most of the time my size is not available or I can only get the kids version of the shoe. Especially with Jordans it's difficult. The kids versions often have some small differences compared to the original ones. This is one of the negative aspects about being a girl in the sneakergame. I don't know a lot of girls in the business, but I can always get help and support from guys. They are really nice and I think most of them are proud of knowing girls with the same interest in sneakers. I would love to see more women in the sneaker culture. It doesn't matter what size or gender you have.

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