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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 141 - @Crep_spot

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Hi my name is Faisal Tayan I am 22 years old from Manchester and now living in London. 


I got into sneakers properly 5 years ago when I moved to London, whilst also watching sneaker related videos on YouTube. This made me in my spare time go visit the sneaker stores in London thus grew my interest into a hobby. This was also around the time I got my student loan so I would go and spend it on sneakers. The first sneakers that really started it for me were the Kobe 9 'Moonwalks'.  

Do you have any favorite brands/silhouettes? 

I'd have to say I'm an Adidas man but I buy both brands, but for me personally as a man who looks for innovation I just think Nike have become super complacent as all they do is re-retro old successful models. Yet, Adidas with their upcoming innovations within the 3D printing soles and recycled plastic for their upper is why I'm team Adidas. My favorite silhouette has got to be the Adidas Stan Smith as it's clean, simple, comfortable and can be worn with anything and everything. 

You're the founder of CrepSpot, what's that all about?

Yes I am, CrepSpot is an account where we help the community get involved within the sneaker culture through our media and speaking to anyone and everyone whos wanting to understand more and get involved about sneakers to just wanting to have a chat. 

What's your opinion on the sneaker community as it is today?

To be honest I feel like the sneaker community is no longer and community and has become more of a marketplace. The reason being is for me it used to be more organic and people used to be in it for the pure love of sneakers and didn't have a pure financial objective when looking to buy and sell, yet now its become a bit of a hostile environment and a competition of who can show off the most. I would also like obviously this doesn't amount to everyone in the community, but for me, it's becoming a rarity to find the guy in the community purely for the passion and love of sneakers. 


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