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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 100 - @Alexpe300

My name is Alexander, and I live in Denmark.

When Oliver asked me to do the 100th episode for Epsilon, I thought it’d be easy to write a short essay about my sneakers. However, sitting here in the middle of the night, looking back at all the years that’s gone by ever since I started actually caring about shoes, has made me realize how much time this “hobby” we all share have actually consumed. To me, sneakers have been a journey, one which started out as a desire to wear different shoes, peaked at extremities, and now has developed into a much more healthy interest. The 6 years I’ve been around Asics cannot be expressed in a 300 word essay, because I was and in some ways still are addicted, obsessed and fanatic with sneakers.

From an early age I was always interested in having shoes none of my friends had. I perfectly remember buying a pair of Nike SB Janoski at the age of 12, on a vacation to the US, which I wore for more than two years since none of my friends were able to get a similar pair. Exclusivity was always something I loved, and still to this day do (in the end, we’re all hypebeasts – right?).

In 2010, a friend of mine came to school wearing the GL3 Super Blues, a silhouette I had never really seen (Asics GR’s basically didn’t exists in Denmark till 2014+-). I was instantly intrigued since this was a brand A LOT more comfortable than the Nikes everyone was wearing. Within a month I convinced my friend to sell me the blues, without even knowing who Ronnie Fieg was.

I went on to do whatever I could to get a hold of close to all his collabs with Asics, since they were everything I liked about shoes – Great color schemes, great materials, comfortable as ever and (ofcourse) exclusive.

Today I own about 75 pairs of Asics, only 4 of them from 2015 and 2016. Recently other things have taken priorities over the (in my opinion) very average releases, which is a feeling I only very recently started having. Just two years ago I would pursue shoes I ended up never wearing – I just had to own them.

I no longer buy a lot of sneakers, but I wear, love and admire all the shoes I’ve got in my collection every single day. I know shoes, and the community around it will always have a place in my life because I AM A SNEAKERHEAD.

Oliver Berg