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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 104 - @Dju_lee

Hi, my name is Julian, I live in Geneva, Switzerland. One of the most common way for people to get into sneakers is sports. For me it began with basketball at the age of 12. So that makes around seven years now that I really spend time into that passion

The evolution of aestetic in sneakers is great. I mean for example the saga of Jordan's. It is awesome that designers and engineers are every day on the works to provide us, each year, new models, combined with technologies and new materials. It is a very good example for design in general. You can build new things working with athletes or consumers. But you can also re-use classical models as Air max 1's or Gel Lyte 3's and bring them back to a revival.

I mostly earn Nike pairs because it is my favorite brand and I always believed this brand had various designs that can content everybody. Air Force 1 x Pigalle low is one of my favorite because of the preciousness of the upper. I recently bought my all time favorite, the Retro 1994 Jordan 1 Chicago as I started with Air Jordan's. For the rest, I'm much more into runners nowadays. I don't understand where this change came from. Maybe because bball pairs are too massive. I guess my Gel lyte 3 x Afew could be in this top too as they were my very 1st campout and my first pair of Asics. For the rest I would pick those am1's Urawa that are made of a nice colorblock too. Let's finish with nike flyknit racers Multicolor that are for me a revolution in running shoe.

Thanks a lot for this interview Oliver ! Peace and long live to this community! The picture is by my good friend @Jabbarofsky


Oliver Berg