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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 105 - @Kabiz_

I currently live in Edinburgh, Scotland - really cold place but I'd say it's my most favourite city in the world. Well I got into sneakers when I was about 9, I used to always ask my parents to buy me shoes instead of toys and it was always; Nike - Rebook - Fila - Adidas, I also used to think the shoes made me run faster.....

I have always been into sneakers but I really got into them back in 2010, I rekindled my love for sneakers when I seen Nike Air Max 1 again...love at second sight

For me the reason I love sneakers is the comfort, for about 10 years I worked in the fashion industry, selling high end fashion goods and then moving on to be a buyer for a local fashion store - working in this environment meant I was always on my feet, standing - walking - moving - running, constantly, so it was always a good idea to have the comfiest shoes on so my legs and feet did not get sore, ALSO I am short guy so the air max bubble used to make me look taller....ha ha ha

My most loved pair.....that's a hard choice - it would be the Nike Flyknit Racer Multicolour Version 1 - when I first seen that in 2013 it blew my mind, I never thought all those colours in one shoe could be possible. I would choose that shoe over any of my HTM Flyknits or other collabs, it's the greatest, it's a shame Nike decided to dilute the Multi Racer by releasing two other versions but I still bought them so their strategy worked...

Oliver Berg