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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 109 - @1nstawam


Hi guys!

I'm from France and i live in Paris suburbs

I have been into sneakers since I was 13/14 years.  My elder brother made me listen dj cassette and the first group we listened to wore US basketball shoes. I also paid alot of attention to the players  such as jordan / barkley / Pipen / malone / bird / mugsibugs ... Because of their shoes I got into it as well.

I have like fifty pairs of generel released Nikes. I do not camp for releases. 

I think sneakers is a drug . I love when people tend to look at my sneakers on the street and then ask me where to buy them. Also I like the idea of waking up every morning and finishing your outfit with a nice pair of shoes.  At last, I love taking pictures of my shoes. I like the fashion spirit in the streets of Paris.

Without hesitation my pair of Jordan 6 black infrared is my favorite pair. I could not afford it when I was a kid. I did not miss anything but my parents could not make much money. Today I work I have a roof I get pleasure, so finally I had the chance to buy them

Oliver Berg