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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 112 - @Seejaysneakers


Hi, My name is Cedric been called See Jay for a while back i'm from Paris France.

I got into sneakers at a very young age due to my love for sneakers when i saw my big brother rock some air max 1's-95's-90's-TN i always been interested by it and look up the model on internet.

Then at the age of 13 years old i moved to the USA so i would say that for how long i ve been a sneakerhead. Sale one buy one at that age first saw my pair of jordan on Micheal Jordan feet of course but then saw the Prince of Bel Air and then fell in love with the Jordans. I saw a lot of paires at school, outside jordan was the shoe out there and people would get their pair more easily as today. Then age of 16 got my first job and that where everything started.

What i enjoy about sneakers is the hunt for them at first its exiting to look for a pair then it ends up in your feet i do love a big pile of box it's also to have the nicest one the newest technology on certain brand like Adidas, is driving me crazy lately and is going up. What i enjoy about sneakers also is to be kind of unique, to have THE one that not very will take out "We can have the same pair but we don't rock not the same".

My favorite pair is very hard question for me ahah i would say my top jordans are the 1's that for sure Bred SBB Royale Blue. Then the Air Max i like the most are the 95's especially the Nike Air Max 95 Neon because its my first pair of sneakers and i just go back when i wear them.

Oliver Berg