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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 113 - @Sashhates

Hi, my name is Sascha aka Sashhates I'm 37 years old and living in cologne, Germany.

I remember early the 90's when all this colorful shoes came up. That zx8000 aqua, the hole Agassi collection, the Jordans, Reebok Pumps, Puma Discs... I was a young boy who was really into skateboarding and basketball. So a lot of American influence but without money to get the freshest sneakers. I always had to wait for birthday or Christmas.

It all starts with my first travel to NY in 1997. Still had no money(never will), but the sneakers u could find there was crazy, it was really amazing. Then with the internet (around 2003-2004) and all these platforms everything was easier to connect with other "addicts".

What do I enjoy about sneakers? It's really hard to answer or to understand. It's about a feeling. Sometimes about memories when u see an old sneaker and remember back in the day. It's like listening to an old song. And then u see these fresh new sneakers like the presto acronym for example, these are just banging.

My favorite pair? There are so many, that I can't decide. It always changed by mood, but I'm really into Nikes

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