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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 117 - @Benteobox

I was born and bred in a small town called Kuching, in Malaysia, and moved to Melbourne, Australia when I was 13. That’s about 8 years ago now.

I have an older brother and when he was in his university years, probably about 13 years ago, he was huge in the sneaker, skateboarding and streetwear scene. He had a crazy collection of Dunks, Air Maxes, Air Forces, insane amount of streetwear, mags, you name it, he got it. Whenever I was bored as a kid, I would always hop into his room and stared at the wall of sneakers he had and in one of the corners, he had all the Sole Collector mags and Sneaker Freaker mags stacked up. I would just pick up one of the mags and flipped through the pages, recognising what I saw from his collection and from then on, I got hooked. Since then (I was probably about 8 years old at the time), I kept a close eye on sneakers.

As the years went past of just staring at them (as my parents wouldn’t let spend money on sneakers), I finally got a part time job in my last 2 years of high school, and that’s where I managed to by myself my first pair, the Sneaker Freaker x Asics GL3 “Alvin Purples”. Having been addicted to Sneaker Freaker mags and the headquarters being located locally in Melbourne, I had this “Melbourne Pride” of supporting my local! My older brother had an insane collection of Air Maxes, Dunks etc, I knew I wanted something different, and that’s what got me into runner brands such as Asics, New Balance.

I have been into sneakers since I was 8 years old and finally managed to own my own pair at the age of 15. I am now 22.

Colourway and Silhouette. These are the 2 key factors when I decide what does make it to my collection and what doesn’t. Brand loyalty does come in play, but I do find myself picking a different silhouette, brand, every now and then. Majority of the sneaker community consists of Air Maxes, Jordans and in recent times, Ultraboosts, NMDs and Yeezys. With brands such as Asics, New Balance, they have been around for a long, long time, managed to stay “different” and maintain its exclusivity. Yes, Asics probably did have its breakout year celebrating its 25th Anniversary of the Gel Lyte 3, however, when limited to 1990 pairs per release, it keeps the hunt exciting. Being into kicks also brings out a lot of fun, I ended up being into photography, and learning heaps about it which I enjoy thoroughly. The thing I do enjoy most definitely is meeting new people near and far, sharing what we all have love for, sneakers!

My fav pairs are probably as follows:

Asics x Zillion GL3

Asics x Colette GL3 “Sold Out”

Asics GL3 “Made In Japan”

New Balance 1500 x Solebox “Purple Devil”

New Balance 1500 x Solebox “Nazar Eye”

New Balance 1500 x Provider

Oliver Berg