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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 122 - @Jbm.Jpegg

What is all your edits about?

My edits are a perspective of sneakers in a "cartoon" way.

How did you get into editing shoes?

About two years ago I was in a group on Facebook where a guy named Jack Young would post some of his work and I was amazed on how cool it looked. I started doing research and eventually found the program and way to do the type of art that I do today. It's took me about three weeks to get the hang of it and I remember the first picture that I did was on a horrible on-foot shot of my carmine 6's and I posted it on "WDYWT" on Facebook and got around 100 likes. The amount of likes and positive feedback inspired me to keep practicing and keep creating content.

What inspires you to do edits in the future?

Honestly, my followers their positive feedback and likes that they leave, really shows that they enjoy what I do.

What are your plans with your edits in the long run?

I plan to just do it as a hobby because my goal is to become an engineer but who knows I might do this as an every day job.

Oliver Berg