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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 124 - @Nicolacrobbiano

Hi guys.

I live in Santiago de Chile in South America.

I got into sneakers when I was smaller and skated with my skateboard, about the age of 15 I began to take affection for shoes and look different increasingly rare or unique silhouettes within the SK8 environment, with the passage of time and modernity purchase started to import my peers not to skate, but to wear and match with my clothes.

We could say that I have been around 10 years interested in the subject, but constantly buying 5 consecutive years without stopping.

I long to be comfortable, like the silhouette that is representative along a combination of materials and colors.

have a few favorites more than others ... starting with the story I was born the year 92, a pair marking my year in the company Nike is the icarus model and extra ... one of my favorite is the ICARUS 92 EXTRA management in my collection. Then I really like pairs of Asics is one of my favorite GL V MINT LEAF designer Ronnie Fieg, use the same model in my marriage to my wife who use Saucony Shadow 5000 a Fresh Mint. Another issue that I really like is the aforementioned Saucony and my favorite so far in my collection are the Shadow Master 5000 Spacesnack x extrabutter.

Those would be my three favorites in my collection (try not to use them to avoid damaging them hehehe)

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