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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 125 - @_alionnamedpedro

Hi everyone.

My name is Pedro and I’m from Brooklyn New York.

At first i didn’t realize i was a “sneakerhead” - i didn’t know that was a thing. For a lot of people their love or obsession with sneakers started with basketball, but for me it started with skateboarding. I was very shy when i was a kid and skate shoes are very loud and colorful and i grew up in an area where many kids didn’t skate, so not only did the sport make me stand out - the sneakers helped “break the ice” when meeting new people.

I’ve been into sneakers for a very long time, about 16 or so years now - but the last 8 or so years have been the most important to me. I’ve started a blog, and a business that has allowed me the freedom to not only wear kicks all the time (super important) - but the opportunity to work within the sneaker industry, meet some of the most incredible and unique people ever. Meeting other sneakerheads and sharing a passion for kicks is one of my favorite things in the world. That, and the smell of a fresh pair.

The thing i appreciate the most about sneakers are the stories. Every pair has the option and ability to be very special, and is very special. From unique materials to color combination or inspirations. Every pair is magic.

Every pair is my favorite pair. I don’t think i could choose just one or even a few. Nike SB hold a very special place in my heart - i’ve been a fan of the brand since the early 2000s’, and it’s almost single handedly the reason why i love sneaker, but with age my style has evolved and i appreciate higher quality constructions over flashy colors. Recently New Balance, Diadora, adidas, Asics and Puma have been at the top of my rotation.

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