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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 128 - @Azzido83

Hi, my name is Stefan, i´m 33 and i was born and raised in Magdeburg / Germany.

In Summer 1995 i got my first pair of Adidas, my mother bought it especially for school sports, but it never happened. I was so in love with my new Adidas Lexicon and i wanted to wear them all day long.

In the following years i was wearing only Adidas, especially in my secondary school expensive clothes and shoes were very important. Everything was about Adidas Equipment, ZX Series and Air Max. It was all about seeing and being seen, having something and owning some special brand.

My point of no return was in 1998, the year when the Adidas ZX 8000 Aqua retro was released. From this time until now i´m in love with the Adidas ZX Series and i started collecting. Through this passion i made lots of friends all over germany, i started photographing and collecting stuff about Adidas.

What do I enjoy about sneakers? It's about the whole picture, friends, story-telling, collecting, hunting, passion. To belong to a circle of crazy ones. The passion to do something with a full heart 24/7 without getting bored! What can be better than wearing a shoe the first time in the circle of like minded people.

My favorite pairs are probably all of my Vintage Adidas especially:

Adidas ZX 1000

Adidas ZX 4500

Adidas Torsion Network

Adidas Torsion Response Class

Oliver Berg