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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 129 - @Jusdave3_2

I live in New Haven, Connecticut and I've been into sneakers ever since I was able to buy them on my own.

I remember seeing the Air Jordan Olive 9's in elementary school and wanting them but my family not being able to afford them at the time. In high school when I was able to work and afford a few pairs of shoes that I really liked I purchased a pair of grey zoom air flight 96 Penny Hardaways and a pair of all white Jordan 9's.

I really wanted a pair of Bred 11's and to this day it has been a grail I haven't been able to track down. I also got into runners around the same time and bought 3 different colorways of the original air max tailwind and my first few pairs of air max 90's.

In college I took a long hiatus from sneakers but when the Bred 11's came out again in 2012 but I missed out on them yet again. I jumped into the sneaker game hard after this.

I really got into runners, especially diadora and asics. Their quality and amazing blends of materials and colours really pulled me in, even on the general releases.

My favourite pairs right now are my Diadora LimitEdition "Castellers", Nike Acrynm Prestos, and my Reebok Livestock "Maple Leaf".  

Oliver Berg