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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 130 - @Aidancoulter

My name is Aidan Coulter, I live in Glasgow, Scotland.

I got into sneakers after I got talking to a friend about them! (Shout out to Brian for introducing me to the game haha!) I've been into shoes my whole life.

I've always wanted a collectiom but never bought a lot of shoes because I would have grown out of them! Since becoming an adult ive been making up for lost time. Ive been properly into sneakers for about 3 years now! There are loads of things that make me love shoes. My favourite thing would have to be the community. 

Since joining North East Soles and getting to know Gary, Keith and Brian ive learned so much. Its great to have folk around that have been into shoes for as long as ive been alive 😂.

I quite like the old Air max 1s. I tend not to limit myself to one brand. I buy what takes my eye! New Balance are up there purely for the quality they offer. Even on GRs. My grails are the Solebox Toothpaste 1500s. I would be happy to own either colour way, the BORs would be my preference.Would probably stop collecting if I got them 😂😂. From New Balance to Saucony there is always something I like. I do most of my buying over facebook groups or at events. Unless its a new release.

My favourite pair would have to be my Saucony X END. Burgers. Got them for £50! Don't think i'll get a better deal in my life. But my Diamond Dunks would be a close second.

Oliver Berg