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I am a sneakerhead episode 131 - @Rodrigopenido


My name is Rodrigo Penido, I was born in Brazil. I am 28 years old and I live in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina. I'm the owner of Dreams Custom, the first and only luxury custom company in Latin America, and personal shopper for some famous Brazilian people. Customizing shoes is my life and fashion is my passion.

I've always liked sneakers, from when I was a kid and my mother dressed me with some different shoes, with flourishing shoelaces, or with some runners from the 90's. But the sneaker culture in Brazil is too poor, due to being a Third-world country, the big sneaker companies never made nice models or collabs available in the Brazilian stores, only models of shoes with no success in Europe or the United States comes to Brazil. The community is too small. Regardless of that, I've always liked to have different shoes and clothes than everyone else.

When I turned 18, I started to travel around the world and I got into the sneaker community. I always hooked for great materials and high-quality work. Going straight into the big designer brands, my first sneaker was a black high top Gucci. I studied at 2 American universities where my passion for Jordan came and I sank into the world of sneaker and expanded my collection. I have always been very eclectic since I follow fashion very much, I have several types of shoes that combine with all occasions. In my collection, you can find stuff like Nike Yeezy, NMDs Jordans, Air Forces but also more high-end footwear like Balenciaga. I think I own about 26 pairs of shoes to this day. 

Today, in Brazil, it is still very difficult to get some models of shoes, mostly limited collabs. For them, I have my friends in Europe and the United States to help me or some of my clients out. The sneaker culture in Brazil has changed a lot with big sneakerheads and sneaker magazines, groups and events. Every day more people join in.

My passion for shoes has grown so much that I began to study it and started to work with it as well. When I started Dreams Custom, we were customizing sneaker and caps with exotic leathers licensed by CITES. As the company grew, we were creating new accessories for men and women and we have been expanding to Customization with painting as well.

Today, Dreams Custom also work with hats, jackets, wallets, suitcases etc. We have quite a lot of clients, some of them are well known - like Daniel Alves, the football player. 

We have a lot of new stuff coming out in late 2017, early 2018 so make sure to keep an eye out on our social media accounts @Dreamscustom or check out our website right here: Dreamscustom.com






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