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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 132 - @SNKRFOCUS


My name is Sebastian, I'm from the small but beautiful country Austria, but the city I live in is so small that it's not worth mentioning at all. I'm 22 years young and am currently building my brand and try my best to provide value to sneakerheads and enthusiasts, my website www.snkrfocus.com launched recently and you can find tons of stuff on there.

What first got me into sneakers was soccer and skateboarding, as a young kid with about 12 years old I started watching Bam Magera, Tony Hawk and Steve-O and was not only fascinated by their skills and charisma but also their outfits. If it was for me, I would've gone to the skateshop everyday and bought the freshest sneakers but neither my parents nor budget allowed that. My mum was a basketball player most of her life and played for the Russian national team back in the day which also exposed me to a lot of great shoes, she's from the time when Converse was actually used in sports. The story on how she got her first pair is really touching, she's a great woman.

I never was able to amass a lot of sneakers at the same time because when I got a new pair I used it to its limits, skateboarded in them, played soccer with them, wore them all the time, you know, the whole package. As I got older my interest in sneakers evolved more as I saw new technologies like Flyknit, Boost etc. come up what got me into what I'm doing today. My LPU was the Adidas NMD R1 PK Triple Black from the Japan Pack which is awesome, always wanted to buy a pair and bought two of them actually, one to customize and one to resell.


My all time favorite is and always will be the Vans Oldskool, perfect every day to day, really durable material ways and fashionable since 1977! It's amazing that one can create an ever-lasting design that people still wear 40 years later, this is something I focus on with and want to accomplish with my project SNKRFOCUS.

At the moment we share daily sneaker content on Instagram, Twitter and on the website itself and I also want to publish regular video content in form of a vlog on YouTube because I believe that's where peoples interest is at the moment. A lot of good things happened lately and I want to continue on this path as long as possible, sneakers are my passion and I simply want to share it with the world.

Make sure to check out Sebastian's Instagram account right here : @snkrfocus

Oliver Berg