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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 134 - @Adamsog.xciv


my name is Adams Ogale, I am a 22-year-old fashion fanatic living in Vancouver, Canada but I was born and raised in Nigeria.

I started getting into sneakers when I was 14 because I was beginning to get into hip hop and I was a huge fan of Lil Wayne and I still am.…and whenever I watched his music videos, he had the best sneakers on and I always thought to myself "man I fucking want those" and my dad would give me an ultimatum to get good grades in school and he would get me a pair of any sneaker of my choice until I became old enough to afford to buy them myself and I splurged most of my money on outfits.

When it comes to sneakers I fuck with mostly vans and adidas. For pants I like mnml.la, rothco and Zara. Tops I like reclaimed vintage, sixth June, cheap Monday etc. For me shoes are the focal point of an outfit because they either make or break the outfit so I'd rather have fucking cool shoes with a shitty outfit and not vice versa. I think adidas because it's so comfortable and it has a lot of variety like nmd, ultra boosts, tubulars and iniki. I don't mean to sound like a hypebeast but if I were to be stuck with a brand I'd say Off White X Nike... they're so cool.

Everyone on instagram is always asking me how I got on a wheelchair and I never really reply so I might as well address it once and for all. On May 31 2014, I broke my neck from a botched backflip and it left me paralyzed because it affected my spinal cord and I spent over a year in the hospital and I have recovered extensively because the limits that the doctors initially set for my recovery, I have exceeded and I am still recovering. Fashion is therapeutic for me because whenever I feel kind of down, I just do a little shopping or window shopping I'm good.

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