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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 135 - @Helsoe


My name is Hanna Helsø, and i am a nineteen year old girl from Norway. I have always been interested in fashion and shoes, even though my style has changed a lot since i was younger.

I started to collect sneakers legitimately when I moved out at the age of sixteen. It was the Nike Air Max 90 that got me into the sneakergame. I was very fascinated by colors and designs that stood out, so I searched around on the internet for some outstanding colorways made by the Air Max. When I did the research i realized that some sneakers were harder to get my hands on than others. I saw that there was an Air Max 90 city collection dropping, and I managed to cop a pair. I got hooked on the hunting and excitement, and I’ve been crazy about sneakers since then. I wear sneakers, collect, and read about them.

At the beginning it was mainly Nike I hunted for, especially the Air's. But Adidas has done everything right the last years. The boost technology, the collaborations and limited releases, and at this moment my favorite pair are from the brand with the three stripes, the Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas. It was a lot of hype around them when they first dropped, but it died pretty fast. I really think it is a underestimated sneaker, so I can’t wait for some other colors to be released.

As I mentioned I’m from Norway, a pretty small country. We don’t have a lot of sneaker stores, so it can be tricky to get the limited releases. I can use the well-known Yeezy’s as an example; In Norway we only got two retailers that get to sell Yeezy. The stores are located in Oslo, which is 8 hours in car from where I live, so the majorority of my sneakershopping is online. But I’m always visiting sneaker stores when I’m out traveling, and I rarely leave empty handed. Since Norway only got a few sneaker stores, the change of getting smaller sizes can be hard. Most of the stores don’t get the whole size run, so even if the sneakers are made in smaller sizes doesn’t mean that they are easily accessible

The sneaker community is mostly ran by guys. It has always been like that, although more women are embracing the sneakerculture. Being a girl in this male dominated community are both good and bad. The biggest issue I have being a girl in the sneaker scene is the lack of smaller sizes. A lot of sneakers doesn’t even get produced in women´s sizes, so they aren’t just hard to get; they are impossible to get. Some releases got a kids version, but there is always something that are changed or stitched different then the original. But generally I feel welcome in the sneaker community. I don’t know a lot of females that collect or worship sneakers the way i do, but I can always get help and knowledge from the guys. They are helpful and respect a women with the same interests as themselves. Gender isn’t really a issue if the love for sneakers stand strong. I can tell since I really appreciate sneakers, the sneakerculture and all the people i get to know and meet because of the common interest. I would love to see more women showing their love for sneakers and for women to be more visible in the sneakerculture in the future. There are sneakers for everyone, regardless of how old you are or your gender.

Oliver Berg