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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 136 - @Turnschuhkungfu


Hey! First of all thanks for the opportunity to share my addiction with you guys!

My name is Kevin, I am  28 years old and live in a small town in Bavaria, called Bayreuth.

I think I got first into sneakers or shoes, respectively, when I was around 13 to 15 years old. Skating and Basketball were popular hobbies of all my friends. So it didn’t take long that I started caring about shoes. At this point I wasn’t able to buy a lot stuff, but when I bought a shoe it was mostly AF1, Nike Dunk High or some skater brand like Emerica, DC etc. I think that I owned more or less 10 pairs at this time.

When I was 16 or 17 I started to rap and we had a lot of concerts around my region, but mostly on hardcore events. These were the best music events ever. For me not a single “rap event” could keep up with the hardcore shows I attended and the people dancing in the moshpit to some guys kicking bars on the stage.  It was one of my best times ever. Nevertheless during this time my sneaker addiction subsided a lot.

In the end of my studies I found me again, surfing in the internet for a good pair of shoes and going in each sneaker store I was walking by. After I started my PHD in physics and earning finally some good money the addiction got control over me again, but in a much more intensive way.  I started again collecting shoes but at this time only sneakers and trainers.

Finally I found my real love in Diadora. The Diadora x LimitEDitions N9000 “Castellers” just got me. After I found it in my size (#teambigfoot) I barely bought another brand.

This year I was lucky finding some Hanons, Afews etc. especially I won the Afew “The Cure” Raffle and completed the Highly Addictive Pack.

My girlfriend can’t understand the extent of my addiction but she covers my back all the time, taking pictures with me and attending different conventions. I really love her for supporting me that much.

Now, with me doing still the PHD, sneakers have impact the whole day. I met some really nice and good people in the community helping out each other and I keep up the contact with them for a long time. Also at my work, especially my boss is making jokes about my shoes every time he can, but it is really funny. You just have to accept yourself and know about your addiction.  

BTW I am really excited about the new LimitEDitions “Correfocs” release, really looking forward to get the whole capsule, absolutely fire!

I couldn’t if I had to choose one pair for the rest of my life. But I could live with three, I think.

- Diadora Purple Tapes

- Diadora Castellers

- Nike Footscape Woven “Pink Pack” for the comfort haha.

You can check me out on Instagram @turnschuhkungfu!

Thanks, Epsilon Magazine for the feature! Keep up the good feed!

Oliver Berg