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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 137 - @Francesco108197


I am Francesco, I'm 30 and I live in Milan, Italy. I work for a big luxury brand and I'm really passionate about sneakers and street culture.

Since I was a child, I'm interested in what I have on my feet every day. I think it's normal, the shoes are the only part of your outfit you look at every moment of the day, without needing a mirror.

The first pair of sneakers I "struggled" for was an electric blue and orange New Balance. I was about 12. In Italy the sneaker game came a bit later than in other countries. Here the tastes are less diversified than abroad, for many years, most of us wore the same sneakers (Air Max 97 and Air Max Tuned above all). With the introduction of the internet, things changed and now many people know everything about the releases every week.

I haven't got a favourite pair of shoes or brand, I buy what I like: Asics, Adidas, Diadora, New Balance, Nike, Puma... I'm focused on limited collaborations, so it isn't so easy to buy some pairs, but I was lucky enough on this year with most of them (Afew and Titolo Diadoras, Nike Air Max 1s and Tom Sachs, e.g.) and I have a great store like Slam Jam in town, where I can often find what I'm looking for.

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