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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 138 - @Loudsoulscustoms


My name is Stanislas Birch (Like the tree), I was born in Paris from a French mother and an Australian father. I've done many trips in city's and country's where fashion is omnipresent. From Milan to Paris, Venice, London, Australia and many others. I had the occasion to see and meet several people who inspired me and helped me become the man I am now.

I now live in Toulouse, a big town in France. And I'm a bartender at the biggest club in town.

I started interesting myself into sneakers many years ago, but wisely... Only buying pairs I knew I would be able to sell back one day. And a few months ago, I started what I call "My sneaker collection journey". And at a moment of this "journey", I decided that I wanted something special, unique, something nobody has. And I started to custom sneakers... Adidas NMD's, Adidas Y3, Yeezys, Nike AirForce, Nike AirMax... even Converse, GoldenGoose, and many others... Starting to custom all the pairs that I had.

I now have a little collection of 43 pairs. My favorite pair is my Adidas Y3 PureBoost ZG. Pair that I didn't customize because it's difficult to do anything on it. And also, it's pretty difficult to find it now...

So I started my business of Customisation, "Loud Souls Customs", which is for people who wants a thing different that you find with the other ones who do customs. I make black abstract art, colors abstract art, camouflage-type, splashes... And other types depends on what you want on your pair. I make shirts, jeans, caps, jackets... I principally make sneakers, yes. But It's very satisfying to custom a shirt or a jacket that fits with the pair you have on your feet. I modified Gucci jeans jackets, supreme hoodies and I'm actually painting on an Anti-Social Social Club hoodie. I'm not considering myself like a Hypebeast, but I'm happy to be able to customs some of their items. Trying to make the hype more hype. Things are attractive when you melt very nice customs in very nice pictures.

I have many projects, like putting my clothes and sneakers in a video clip of French artists, participating in customizing events, and others that I can't talk about for the moment.

If you want to see pictures of my work or get any other information, you can find me on Instagram, where I sometimes do Customs Giveaways: @loudsoulscustoms And by email: loudsoulscustoms@gmail.com, My internet site is coming soon, I'm working on it.

My name is Stanislas Birch, "Loud Souls Customs". And I'm a Sneakerhead.



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