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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 139 - @Vladieboi

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Hey there, My name is Vlad Ciutacu - 20 years old, born in Romania and located in the Netherlands.

I’ve always been a fan of wearing sneakers, I just didn’t care about them enough - most of my pairs were trashed beaters, nothing special.

Collecting shoes started four or five years ago with Jordans and Nike Dunks, but I quickly discovered other brands that peaked my interests more (and they were comfy too)  😛

Each shoe in my collection has a story, however, my favourite pair is definitely the Air Max 1 ACG “Velvet Brown” - my first pair with a bubble, the one that got me hooked on air. One of the most under-rated packs of Air Max 1s as well.

I’ve met tons of different people from all over the world and made plenty friends while hunting my favourite pairs, which is truly one of my favourite things about this passion.

 If I were to be forced to only wear a single pair for the rest of my life, it would probably be my Ultraboost Chinese New Year 3.0 Sample, because, well… it’s guaranteed I’m not going to see someone else wearing the same shoes! 😄

Oliver Berg