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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 15 - @Zaynt1144

They call me "zaynt" a.k.a. the "brand-nazi"... not really a "sneakerhead", cause i only have love for asics!!!^^ Born 1988 in Germany, Berlin!  

Since i can remember i always had a shitload of sneakers. Classic BW & AM1 was a big deal for me when i was young^^ It started with Adidas, NIKE etc. and all changed after i see the first pair of Asics--> It was a Gel-Lyte Speed "Directional Level Pack 2009" i Was totally in Love with that shape ,model and design!! The Split tongue was killin it for me, super dope. Since that day i'm totally addicted to Asics.

I started to look on google/ebay how i can find a pair for myself. I see all the greta Collabs and had no clue... but i was sure i need them all^^ I only wear, like & collect asics since 2009-2010. My fav Model is the Gel-Lyte III. My first pair was a Gel-Lyte Speed "Surface Pack" and some other GLSpeed. . I started to buy all stuff i can find from asics. pin's, sticker's, etc. ... My collection grows & grows... and i think it will never stop.^^ Hard to get every pair but i try and like what i get so far.

One of my fav pairs i own is the Asics x Patta GLIII / Sample with switched insides and some dope details. . But i fall in love with the OG pairs aswell. Was really lucky to hunt down an OG pair of GLIII , GLV & GLSpeed!!! . My fav and local store is OVERKILL! So many time waisted infront of the store but always a nice time with my buddy's and all the crazy ppl coming every week...

Always good to be in Berlin but its getting harder and harder to get my pairs... Last thing i can say is: I NEED MORE MONEY $$$ TO BUY MORE ASICS^^

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