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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 17 - @Carlrbt

Hi , my name is Carl Robert and I live in Lyon 2nd biggest city of France ! I'm 17 years old and be in love with sneakers since 3 years.
All begin with a pair of Nike Air Max 1 OG red 2012... Yhea it's the year when shape of air max 1 began to be ugly. But I was in love with and had pay 150euros for these , my mother was very angry when she knew that ahah. I stayed a long time with only this pair of air max 1 because I can't find money to buy sneakers. I decided to draw all pairs of my dreams and I was passing all my free time on sneakers website like « SneakersAddict » or « Kicks on fire » to know all about next releases !
After , I wanted to try some other brands like Saucony and Kangaroos... But I don't really like these.
Even if , 2016 gonna be the year of Adidas and I assume that ! For the begin of the year Nike is really at a under level in therm of innovation , but Nike still my favorite brand. Maybe she have to find other solution because I don't think that released old colorway (AtmosSafari) and destroy it are the best solution , but that's only my opinion
Adidas pleased me with these NMD this year to , at the beginning I really didn't like these but after that I have seen some pics on feet , I became in love and decided to camp to buy NMD Runner PK Oreo and I never seen a sneaker comfy like this !
Since the begin of 2016 , I bought a lot of Nike Air Max 1 as Jewel , OG 1999 , Book of one's.
My last acquisition is a pair of Nike Air Max 1 x Ben Drury , I paid only 60euros for these on Facebook group , a real steal , I just painted midsole and swoosh and these are ready to be rock !
Today , my favorite pair is my Nike Air Max 1 Jewel Baby Blue , when I began to love sneakers , I saw this pair on a lot of pics on Instagram and when I could have these I was overexcited ! You can see a pic of these below.
If I have to choose a real graal in all sneakers , I think it will be Nike Air Max 1 x Patta Parra Cherrywood , these shoes are more than shoes , these are a really work of art !
I think that you will understand , my favorite pair is the Nike Air Max 1 and since 3 months with some friends I began to do some shooting of my sneakers and I post it on my Instagram.
If you want to see my collection , you can find me on my accompt : @Carlrbt
This year I may be to Sneakerness , in Zurich so I'll see you there !

Oliver Berg