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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 19 - @Theyareonlyshoes

My name is Nick Castronovo from the Chicago area Midwest born and raised!! 

I fell in love with shoes in about 1994 and have been adding to my collection since then, back then I collected everything from Air Force 1's and air max to trainers and Jordan's. 

2010-2011 is when I really got into runners with the release of the Mint and Cove gel lyte 3 I just thought they we incredible and I had to try for them I was able to get the Mint but the Cove still alludes me to this day!!

Still today staying true to my roots the gel lyte 3 is probably my favorite silhouette of all time there is just so much that can be done with this model and the comfort is a plus as well. Also the Diadora n9000 has become one of my favorite models as well and if you know me there is no secret that the "Saturday Special" from Hanon is probably my favorite shoe to ever release the mix of quality materials and color blocking is absolutely amazing in my eyes.. Some of my favorite shops are Solebox,Hanon,Concepts,Overkill just to name a few. As I get older I'm definitely more selective of what I buy and no longer chase every release although I love a lot of different brands all for different reasons,its not like it used to be where maybe once a month a shop would release something now it seems we get 5 releases a week and most are just average at best I'll let the younger guys chase all these new releases now..Social Media has now played a huge part with bringing these runners to the masses and today seems like everyone loves runners! That being said I have met some great people thru runners that I consider friends most of which I have never met personally but speak to them on a daily basis about not only shoes but real life!! Anyway thanks for allowing me to tell a little of my story here for Epsilon Magazine it's definitely humbling when someone thinks your collection is note worthy so thanks for the opportunity!!!

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