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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 20 - @B_represent

Hey, I’m Lutz aka b_represent. Born and raised in the middle of nowhere, Thuringia, Germany.

Even if runners are now making up the most space in my storage, it was actually Skateboarding that made me get into that whole sneaker thing. As a skateboarder, you always need new shoes. They would usually only stand that heavy duty beating they got, by rubbing them over the Griptape to do all those fancy tricks, for a month or even less.

First it was all just simply shoes - a basic commodity to fulfill my addiction to skateboarding. But soon I started looking at the shoes from a different point of view, such as the colorway or the model itself became more and more of my focus. It developed slightly over the last 16, 17 years since I originally started skating. All of this just took its path and started to grow into each other: You discuss the different skateshoes with your homies… You track down an old pair you had once… You find another one you liked in the past… You recognize that there are a lot of nice shoes outside this micro cosmos Skateboarding… Different materials and shape become relevant… You try to soak up all of the information about your beloved silhouettes… and so on. It all developed slowly so I can’t exactly say when I got into sneakers. The only thing I can say for sure is that the amount of shoes I bought increased exponentially since I finished my studies and started to earn money around 7 years ago.

I think it is the variety of sneakers that won’t let me go. There are so many great different silhouettes in diverse colorways. Whether it is from the past or the present, it never stops… There is always another model popping up that will catch your attention. So it is hardly surprising that I can’t really decide if I had to choose my favourite pairs. It changes almost on a daily base. One day I’m in love with a certain pair, another day I think about letting those go. But well, it all started with skateboarding and the éS Koston 1 as the first shoe I always wanted and never got in the past, so I can’t leave them unmentioned. I’m really lucky that I was able to track down some pairs of these now and never would let those go. Also the red Air Max 87 from the “History Of Air” Pack is a shoe I would never sell. Everything about these is quite perfect: the silhouette of the Air Max 1, the shape and materials on these specific Air Max 1, the colorway. Ain’t nothing to complain on these. So if you really wanna ask me about my favourites, I think my answer has to be: these two, but there are many days when I like another pair that I own a lot more than these two.

Besides owning all those sneakers, I also really enjoy looking at a well done photo of the shoes. And I’m not talking about the majority of all those pics here that are simply done by just having the aperture as much open as possible to show just the shoe in front of a blurred backdrop. I really like those well composed pics which are showcasing sneakers in their environment. There are a lot great shooters out there that are inspiring me each day. If it were Dynatrix or Prince Jamal in the old Solecollector or Crooked Tongues forum days or now guys like Elzapatillaztio, Saintcity, Brooro on IG – just to name a few - they all are what made me get into photography step by step. If you wanna check my approach, feel free to visit my Instagram @b_represent or my Facebook-page: LutzIsShooting.

Oliver Berg