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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 21 - @Nickapaloozaa

My name is Nicholas Reza. The Glaswegian prince of Persia, soon to be Naval Architect.

I have loved trainers since I was a young boy but the love has developed into much more as my understanding, appreciation and most importantly- income has increased.

As a young boy (around 8 years old) I had this pair of obsidian blue suede Nike cortez that were the coolest thing ever (to me anyway) and I wore them all the time. I wore them so much they eventually started to disintegrate on my feet but I refused to throw them out- if only trainer restoration was an option back then! So one night when I was asleep my mum threw them out knowing I would never have let them go in a conscious state. I was heart broken at the time but I don’t think I would have been as involved with trainers if this wouldn’t have happened. Since then I wanted more than one pair at a time. Having more than one pair meant that they wouldn’t get worn quickly and I could have held onto my favourite pairs for longer. Genius for an 8 year old, I know.
Unfortunately I was only 8 so rarely ever had more than 2 pairs until I had my own job. Presently though it’s where the majority of my student loan and wages go. I regret nothing.

So in defining how long I’ve been into trainers I would say since I was 8, however, I have only really started collecting since 2012. The first pair- despite having multiple pairs prior to this I bought was the 2012 Nike Air max 90 Infrared. What a shoe! And definitely the pair that started it all as an adult.

Everyone has their own reason to collect or whatever they would like to say that it is they do and there are many different reasons that come up. For me though it has to be a thirst for exclusivity, my creative nature desires individuality and trainers are a perfect way for me to be unique. I love the combination of materials, of the colours and how it still blows my mind that despite all trainers (pretty much) being the same foot-like shape they are all so unique and totally different. If I’m being honest though, when I think why I like trainers or am asked- I don’t really have a definitive answer. It’s a combination of many different things that ultimately bring me to where I am now with a great number of friends and experiences gained from my said love of trainers.

Hardest part of being a collector- having a favourite pair. If I had to (at this current time) I would have to go with:
Nike x Atmos- Air Max 1 ‘Safari’ (2002)  
The combination of colours, different coloured Nike ticks, gum sole and safari print is just next level. They were a pair I had come to terms with never being able to find or afford until turning up two Christmases ago for the merriest of prices.   

I Really appreciate the opportunity to share my tales and I look forward to reading more about some more of my peers!

IG- @nickapaloozaa, @reh.za                               

Oliver Berg