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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 24 - @Darylbites

My name is Daryl aka darylbites. 20 and raised in +65. I started getting into the sneakergame in 2012 when i was in hongkong, back then the trend was jordan 5's , 1's and 4's. I started seeing almost everyone on the street rocking a pair of jordans, so i went to their nike store to check it out and bought myself a pair of jordan 1 green glow... And it started growing from there! When i came back, i became more exposed to the sneaker scene and soon after i bought a pair of Jordan 4 Toro.

I got to know a sneaker event called Sole Superior through my friend that is held in Zouk Singapore every year, so i went and there was so many selections and different sneakers to look at. I was amazed by it and developed a strong passion ever since. Oh and i was tempted to buy a pair so i copped a pair of Air Max 1 ' Camo ' for a steal price!

Ever since then i met alot of sneakerheads and made friends with many. And slowly i was exposed to different culture and high fashion sneakers like balenciagas, Y3 and so on.

What i enjoy most about sneakers is that every sneaker has a different story and how different sneakers can define your style. For example if i'm feeling cozy today, i'll throw on a pair of Adidas Ultraboost or NMD and im good to go. Sometimes if the weather is good for a photoshoot, i'll bring out a pair or Air Force 1 ' Wheat ' or a pair of Jordan 4 White cements

I love all my sneakers i can't rank them from top to bottom! But if i were to choose, i really like my pair of Air Force 1 ' Tisci ' Mids, and it will forever stay in my collection. The leather and quality is sick and definitely would love to double up on them.

Oliver Berg