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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 26 - @Celia_gilliand

My name is Célia i'm 22 and I'm come from Switzerland in a small town who no one understands what is my problem with sneakers lol. How did you get into sneakers? Because of my ex bf. He was a sneaker lover. The story started when we went in London few years ago. At this time i didn't care about sneakers. He insisted that I buy a pair. What i did. Since this day i didn't stop buying.

I have been into sneakers since a trip to London in 2012. I didn't grow up in that culture, before I knew nothing about sneakers. I didn't wear sneakers, now I can not even imagine wearing anything else!

For me, sneakers is the finishing touch to an outfit, the way to express myself. Some people wear only what is "popular" and doesn't care about their taste, what they like. I work a lot with feeling, those who know me know that my pairs match with me in some way, I don't buy anything anytime is always thoughtful!

When summer is coming i'm in love witt my Nike free inneva woven corail, or my CDG play x Converse (the low in leather) or even the air force 1 (the high one) vachetta tan from the Nike Lab.

Thank's epsilonmagazine for the attention it was a real pleasure!

Oliver Berg