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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 28 - @Jokro23

Hello everyone, I’m Jo from Germany. Growing up in the 90s it all started right there. It began with different Nike AMs and Jordans and hence Nike was the major brand for me back in those days. Although even then it was all about sneakers, there was no such hype like we can see it nowadays. After a long time of wearing such sneakers there was a phase of wearing a mix of much more classic models from Converse/Vans and latest runners like Nike Free for instance, mainly because of the comfort.

But then, straight out of nothing, there was a shoe that caught my attention and started my addiction for classic runners again, especially collabs from Asics. It was the Selvedge Denim from Ronnie Fieg and I simply loved it and still do, of course. With that shoe the obsession began to take its course and here I am now with a whole bunch of such sneakers lol.

Now if you ask most people what they enjoy about the sneakers they collect, they’d say it’s for example because of the hunt or the getting together with other collectors and partially I’d agree. But I have a mainly different approach to it. For me they are a piece of art. And I’d even say that you can compare it to other kinds of art like paintings for instance. Behind almost every collab shoe there is a story or an inspiration and for me it’s all about the execution and the result of the chosen theme, whether it is material-wise or colourway-wise. And let’s be honest, Asics is simply number one in doing that.

So it’s pretty obvious that all of my favourite pairs are Asics. There is no need to mention that the Selvedge Denim is one of them. But it’s not the only one. In the meantime some others came around that I’d call my favourites too. If I would have to choose a Top 3 besides the Denims I think it would be the Navy Aquas, the Footpatrol Sagas and the Hanon Wildcats.

You can check out my collection here - @Jokro23



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