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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 3 - @AirMAX1189

I'm Max, 26 years old, from the small town Kassel in the middle of Germany.
I'm a student of Business and Economics at the local university.
I've been a fan of sneakers since my childhood. I saw them on my older brother's feet and wanted the same. When I got older, I became more and more addicted.
I started "collecting" sneakers and learning everything I could about them in 2009 with the release of the Nike Air Yeezy I "Blink" at The Good Will Out in Germany. I loved the outstanding silhouette and simple colorway. And it was my first time camping for sneakers.
My favorite sneaker silhouette of all time really is the Air Max 1 by Nike. An iconic sneaker which is more hyped than ever nowadays.
Currently I'm in love with the Gel Lyte III by Asics. My first Gel Lyte III in my collection was the "Alvin Purple" by Sneaker Freaker in 2010. Today they are still one of my favorite pairs ever.
My picture shows 3 different Asics models (Asics Gel Lyte III, Gel Lyte V and Gel Sight) produced in collaboration with 3 of my favorite german sneaker stores (Afew, The Good Will Out and Overkill). I'm really proud of those pairs for their great design concepts and of course for being designed by stores in Germany I've visited multiple times. The materials used and the mix of colors, even on the mostly hated Koi Gel Lyte III by Afew, are outstanding for me.
My collection is small compared to most collectors, because I wear every pair I own and sell the pairs I do not wear continuously to afford other ones.
Nonetheless I love collecting, wearing and photographing sneakers!
Check @AirMAX1189 for pictures of my sneakers made by me!

- Maximilian Löwe

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