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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 30 - @Kevo.28

Hey, this is Kevin and I'm from Chicago. I began noticing sneakers back in high school, I had a few Nike and Vans but never bought anything else mainly because I had no job back then. Once I began working I also got hooked on Hypebeast and other sites like them that showed new sneaker releases; and then Instagram was just saturated with dope sneakers shots and it was something that just caught my attention ever since. The pair that I bought that was my "starting point" was a navy pair of Stan Smiths in the summer on 2014. Something simple and classic that went with everything, since then I started my sneaker collection.

What I enjoy about sneakers is that its a universal way for people to express themselves. If I feel in a bit dark or in a bad mood I would rock something like the black tubular dooms or the Y-3 zg boost if I am in a happier mood I rock some triple white ultraboost or some Air Max 90s. I feel that the kicks you wear speak in some way as to how you are feeling or what mood you are in.

My favorite pair right now, this is tough since I collect from different brands and don't stick to a single brand or silhouette. I would say... it's a toss up between the Adidas ultraboost or the Nike sock dart. Comfort and simplicity are big for me and they both go well with jeans or sweatpants. Plus as a photographer I do a lot of walking so these silhouettes take care of that department. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak on one of my hobbies and check me out on Instagram (@Kevo.28)

Oliver Berg