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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 31 - @Good_official


I live in a Bergen which is a city on the west coast of Norway.

When I was in school I remember a kid in my class had the Nike am90 infrared's. As soon as I saw them I knew I needed a pair. I asked my mom and dad if they could buy me those shoes, but they refused. So I had so save up money to get them myself. That was my first sneaker after that I my interest just grew. when I was younger I was mainly into skateshoes (Es, DVS, Axion). We used to be a group of kids skating around the block and naturally we wore the shoes out a lot. So we wouldbuy new shoes every month. My favorite shoes from my skating days has to be white chad muska's from Es. Those were amazing. I still go on ebay to look for them every now and then. another favorite are Guy Mariano or kareem Campbell's from Axion. sick shoes. I got into sneakers at the age of 10-11 I think. 

I love Everything about sneakers... I love hunting for that special pair that I never got, counting the days for the next release, the unboxing process, the smell & in general just collecting them. Its become an addiction over the years. Its like my way of disconnecting from the reality. There is literally nothing better than going to work knowing that the postman is gonna drop of some new shoes that day. it makes life easier. For me at least..

It's very hard to define my favorite pair. My Visvims can be worn with anything so they are basically my go to sneaker. I also have a pair of Nike air trainers from 1990 which i wear on occasion.

Oliver Berg