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I am a sneakerhead

I am a Sneakerhead episode 32 - @Elieyears

What is good, everyone. My name is Elias Chua, from Kuching. For those who don't know, Kuching a rather small town in East Malaysia. Growing up as a sneakerhead in Kuching was tough. There was zero chance of getting any of the good stuff and no one in my circle really understands anything about the sneaker culture. I started to notice sneakers in 2007 but I really started to build a collection in 2010. It all start with my first pair, Nike Dunk Low in a Light Blue/Blue colourway. Not too long after my first few pairs of sneakers (most of them were classic models like AF1, Dunks, Adi Superstars, Stan Smith, Reebok Classics). I stumbled upon Just for Kicks (a sneaker documentary), I only realised that the sneaker culture existed and it is not entirely abnormal to collect sneakers.  To my surprise, I found a small sneaker consignment shop in Kuching. The owner was a big time Jordan head. So through him I got to know more of Jordans and Nike basketball shoes. He was also responsible for helping me pick up a few Nike SBs back in the day. In 2010, I moved to Kuala Lumpur and sneakers are much more accessible. This is when my collection started to grow. I spent 2014 and 2015 in Melbourne, and that is when I had the first opportunity to camp for kicks (mostly from the Asics 25th Anniversary). 


One of my favourite things about the sneaker game is being able to meet lots of new people (through the Web and sneaker camp outs). I truly appreciate the people wh‎om I've met and have become good friends beyond the sneaker game. I've always been into photography so of course, through Instagram, sneaker photography came naturally. But now that I've moved back to Kuching, where the sneaker culture does not exist,  ‎I've been quite distant from sneakers. I rarely keep up with the upcoming releases now. I'll occasionally look to complete my grails list on sneaker groups. I've also recently sold a fair bit of my collection as lots of them just don't get enough wear. 


My (current) favourite 3 pairs from my personal collection are:


Asics x Ronnie Fieg Gel Saga II "Mazarine Blue"‎ 

I love runners with a monotone upper and a black midsole. Automatically, this has to be in my top 3 list. 


Asics x Hanon "Solstice" 

This pair is an important part of my collection because this pair marks the longest I've ever camped out for a pair of kicks. And it is also (possibly) my last camp out since I have now moved back to Kuching.


Saucony x Footpatrol "Only in Soho"

This pair was the pair that got me to notice Saucony. I had no idea that the brand Saucony existed till I saw this pair online. Probably one of the few pairs that will always be in the top tier of my list.

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