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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 34 - @Mvximoustach


My name is Maxime. I'm 26 and I'm from a city in South of France - Aix-en-Provence. I'm passionate about Sneakers.

My passion for sneakers has been rather late. I was really interested in that when i was 20 years old. It is in the first shop where i worked that i discovered this universe. My boss at this time, had worked for NIKE for 8 years, he sent me his passion and gave me the chance to participate into the choice of the collections (Nike & New Balance). Then, later, i was recruited by the ASICS brand. This has allowed me to improve my culture in the area of sneakers and to fall in love with this brand.. It is therefore normal that my rarest and favorite pairs are from ASICS and also Ronnie Fieg that i have known through their collaborations ...

I bought my first pair there is a little late than 10 years. At this time i was selling sneakers and i had people around me to share this passion. So i took pleasure in the "Sneakergame" and my collection went from there. My professional experiences have allowed me to discover various brands (Nike, New Balance, ASICS...). In parallel, i bought books about sneakers and i went to different events to develop this "culture".

And now, i have over 70 pairs at home. 

What i like the most, is the fact that they can be like a fashion accessory, i can associate the colors, materials, with my outfits. As a woman could do with her handbag. 

In addition, i share this passion with my girlfriend - @minouchka_minois on Instagram, who is crazy about sneakers too. We go together at the different events in Paris (SneakersEvent, Sneakersness) or in Marseillle (Bonjour Sneakers).

I love having her view on the pairs that i add to my collection.

Then, what i like into sneakers, it is looking for atypical pieces. 

I love the scarcity, the limited editions. Some of sneakers are like jewelry to me (laces in 3M, premium leather...). It's a full time passion.

The advantage is that we are never satisfied because every day there is a release for a new model coming out. 

And it's for this that the collection grow.


It's verry hard to choose when one has as much as me... But my top 3 of the moment would be:

- ASICS Gel-Lyte V X Ronnie Fieg X Diamond & Supply "TIFANNY", because it's my first pair extracted of the collaboration between Ronnie Fieg and ASICS. 

They are like a diamond on my feet.

- ASICS GT-Cool XPress X Ronnie Fieg "STERLING", I'm a big Ronnie Fieg Fan. The colour, the materials are exceptionals. Every time I put them they are a bombshell.

- ASICS Gel-Lyte III "25th Anniversary" X FOOTPATROL "SQUAD", I'm really proud of this pair, she was made to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Gel-Lyte III, it makes her exceptional.


You can also check my Page @mvximoustach on Instagram if you want!


Thanks Epsilon Magazine for the featured it was a real pleasure !!!

Oliver Berg