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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 35 - @Atkinsg88

Hey I'm Gary aka @atkinsg88, a sneaker head from London.

I first became interested in sneakers when I was in secondary school seeing my mates rocking Nike AM1 and AM90, then my parents brought me my first pair Nike TN's and from then on I started collecting Nike's and then went on other brands such as Reebok (high tops). Since then my love for sneakers has evolved over time from Nike and Reebok classics to Converse and then slowly moved over to Vans. Then I spotted a pair of Asics on my mates feet and I've never looked back. We would spend days on end looking through eBay and other sites that told us of general releases and when I got my first ever collaboration of Asics - when bait did a gel saga called the "Phantom Lagoon" - this made my love for the sneaker game even stronger. The amount of help and advice I got from other sneaker heads when I was new to the game made it a whole lot easier and fun.

I love the smell of a brand new pair of trainers. I love seeing the postman turn up with a box in his hands (feels like Christmas every time). Wearing them for the first time gives me a major buzz but I must admit I'm always walking on egg shells just incase someone tramples all over them - I must also mention getting that perfect shot and sharing it with the rest of the sneaker world (thanks Cat). I will never forget some of the journeys I've been on to get a pair of trainers and the camp outs I have done and all that was made easy by the people that were around me at the time.

My favourite pairs?? Well thats a tough one! I gotta say the Saucony x Footpatrol "Only in Soho"  and as I'm a UK7 there was a only a very small stock released so I'm lucky enough to have these Unicorns in my possession. Ronnie Fieg "Flamingos" are amazing - the material is so soft and the colour way is amazing for the summertime. Hanon released a beauty of a New Balance on the model 1500 which they called "Chosen Few". I also can't forget their amazing job on the Diadora N9000 "Saturday Specials" - the colour way and shape is the best N9000 out to date in my opinion. People will say Castellers but if you get both trainers in hand and you will see the quality of the Hanon's are so much better.

I'm still waiting for the day a UK7 Salmon Toe comes flapping in to my hands till then the journey goes on........

Oliver Berg