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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 36 - @Mmm_the_1st

Hello, i'm living in south of France,

i was connecting to sneakers since my early days with my friends at School. But my parents wasn't able to offer me Air Maxes back in the days. So I was just dreaming about them.

I'm really into sneakers since 2009 and the way I get my money by my own is helping me to buy them.

I love having new stuff, to be complimented because I have cool pairs, I love some silhouettes so much and I really love the excitation about every release, when you have to be on the grind to have your kicks and your size. I love enjoying this with my GF too.

My favorite pair is maybe the superstar Made In France. It's a perfection made into kicks. The craftmade and the materials. Shoot out to Adidas for this beauties.

Oliver Berg