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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 37 - @Hvtheplug

What's up Sneakerheads. My Name is Henry, I'm a 17 years old Sneakerlover from Germany. I live in Bochum a city quite close to Düsseldorf and Cologne.

It was always something special to me, when my mum bought me a new pair of sneakers when I was younger. I really don't know why we have this addiction, but sneakers are great! Every time I hold my last pick up in my hands I'm just happy. Nothing else to say.

I got into the sneakergame in 2013. The reason why I actually started to collect sneakers, was Hip-Hop Culture. Hip-Hop Artists had a big influence in the life of me and my friends. We saw the celebrities with them fly kicks on and started to look for the shoes they talked about. I was really into the Jordan's, maybe because I play basketball. Well, this could be the reason why I felt in love with the brand. Especially the Air Jordan 1 was and is my favorite model. My first pair of sneakers was the Air Jordan 4 White Cement. (Of course I copped the 89 retro this year ;)). The friends I started to collecting sneakers with, lost their addiction pretty quick, which was a kind of sad, but I didn't even think about. I didn't only collect kicks, I did collect knowledge as well. The Sneaker which introduced me into the runners section was the Adidas Eqt Guidance x Solebox by Hikmet Sugoer, who is a kind of idol for me in the culture. I realized that there aren't just Jordan's, so I added some really fresh runners to my collection like for example this year the Adidas Ultra Boost x Sneakersnstuff or the Asics Gel Lyte 3 x Reigning Champ ( of course the grey one ;)) which I really love.

Because of Instagram and the shots of my kicks and sneaker camp out's, I got to know some people who have the same addiction like I have. This is what I love the most about the game! No matter if it's a camp out or social media. It is so easy to find new connections and friends, just because of some shoes. Sounds weird, but it works! You aren't a sneakerhead, if you aren't a part of the community! This is the most important thing I've learned about sneaker culture. Just to have some shoes doesn't make you a sneakerhead. You have to share your addiction with the community. This is what makes Sneakers so great!

My current favorite sneakers of my collection are:

Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" - My favorite Colorway of the Jordan 1. Just Iconic.

Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard" - Great Leather, Great Story, Great Colorway

Adidas Ultra Boost x SNS - Super comfortable and clean Colorway. Reminds me of the Flyknit trainer which Kanye used to wear.

Oliver Berg