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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 38 - @Imgonz

Hey, how's it going guys?

Im from to Madrid, 32 years old.

My fondness for shoes began about 1994 when I first saw some air max triax of the Olympics, that was my first sight of love and later I had to convince my father to make the effort to buy the shoe.

Another similar case occurred a year after seeing a talk at school to a professional athlete who wore a air max 95 og without hesitation I fell for the second time.

Following that was an unconditional love shoes and we moved up to today.

I have a large collection in the number of pairs, 70 pairs will be around, but all have a great love.

Right now I have more tendency to collect Asics since each of its models I like for its quality and color palette without belittling or NB Nike.

Also I have interest in photography and this coupled with the current to teach your shoes by social networks and your latest acquisitions have formed my Instagram page all shoes I own together with my best friends.


Oliver Berg