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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 39 - @Queendyone

I'm Dyone, a 22 year old Flyknit freak from the Netherlands. I've been wearing sneakers for as long as I can remember.. My uncle gave me a pair of Nikes when I only was a week old. But I really started collecting a few years ago, when I started researching Nike: the history, the special releases and collabs.. I spend hours surfing on the internet, 'cause I wanted to learn more about this amazing brand. I didn't really start collecting 'till November 2014. I just entered a few sneaker related facebookgroups, when I saw a picture of the Flyknit Max multicolors. It was love at first sight! What a gorgeous pair, so unique with the flyknit technique - and the bright and vibrant colors. I just had to cop them! People told me that this pair was a sample and it wouldn't be released. I was very dissapointed and sad, knowing I couldn't rock this pair of kicks that I just fell in love with..

Lucky me, I found a sample pair on a Dutch second hand website, and a few weeks later they did release the multicolors.. So I had to buy the released pair as well.

What I like most about collecting sneakers is that I can pick something different to wear, every day.. The possibilities of combining my kicks with my outfits are endless! I like to keep 'em nice and clean, so I can still rock them in a few years. It's a great way of investing your money.

I have a weak spot for multicolor flyknits.. Racers, trainers, flyknit max, zoom agility's, free... The first flymax and the mc racer 1.0 are definitely my favourite! The Nike Air Maxim 1+ Parra Lonely Lovers and Nike Air Max Light tartan are also in my top 3.

My ultimate Holy Grail is the AM1 Powerwall Morning Glory!

Thanks Epsilon, for this oppurtunity to share my story! Don't forget to check out my instagram: @queendyone

Oliver Berg