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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 41 - @Bisso97120

hello my name is Fabrice aka bisso! my friends call me bisso

I come from a French island in the west indies appointed Gaudeloupe! Today I live in France

In the mid 80s I got interested in the sneakers with a televised rap show named "HIPHOP"! My first pair was a adidas "Americana" which allowed me to dance and play sports! I liked for a long time BBall shoes  ! then my tastes have evolved into the running shoes ! Today I like much more the running shoes for comfort even if it still happens to me to buy bball shoes

My investment in sneakers is very important! I create a page instagram around the asics: @asics_addict and I manage also on IG:  @Trocsneakers which is a very active private goupe on Facebook with more than 11,500 people and who is partner since this year of sneakerness Paris

I did not really have a favorite pair because I buy when it really pleases me !

But I remember sneaker much harder to get than others like some jordans in the 90s or like asics gel lyte 5 "volcano" and it took 2 days camp with a cold and rainy weather, or gel lyte 5 "da vinci" I took much time behind my computer to finally find a way to have


thx to epsilon magazine !!! long life to you

Oliver Berg