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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 46 - @Kennethcrunch

Hi ,

My name is kenneth van stralendorff born on 15/01/1991.

I live in a small village called geldrop. This village is based near eindhoven in the netherlands.

I am half indonesian half dutch from herritage.

I've always been that guy that goes with the rest of the crowd and easily triggered. It all started with me being a creative drawer around my 13th age. I started spray painting and got busted a few times. My friends and classmates were also into streetculture and art. Some of them started drawing and collecting sneakers.

Like the nike airmax 1 x atmos animal. That shoe triggered me into finding out how i could get my hands on those.

After i found out how, me and some friends started to camp out. And i did it for the experience due to lack of money i just copped pairs like airmax 1 x atmos elephant and beast for retail and sold it to friends for that extra 20€.

I had no clue those would blow up to be so expensive and hyped up. I always loved sneakers / runners but my parents held me back and said i had to wear proper shoes.

That will give me more stabillity and not just some trainers.

So i made a compromise with them. Each year i can get 2 trainers of choice and 1 pair of those ugly mountain / hike shoes. Never wore the hike shoes actually haha so they gave me each month 50€ for clothing. And i only bought trainers. Saved up some months again and bought new trainers.

After some years they changed the shape of the airmax 1 and the whole game changed. And i stepped aside.

Other things came more important at that time.

And after the asics x woei gl3 release i started over again. But mostly collecting asics.

I always liked sneakers / trainers, but after i started on my creative art school. I got that boost due new friends and classmates.

The thing i enjoy about sneakers is that its easy said. Its 90% of the outfit. good sneakers make the outfit. Its like new rims on a car. It changes the whole look. And i like sneakers allot but the exclusivity and materials are the thing i look for. Something that has great quality but nobody on the street has it. Also talking about sneakers with people over the whole world on forums and social media make me feel a small part of this big community that is still growing.

In this time and age its more about hype and even collabs are commen. So iam really looking for old gems and things that give me that WOW - effect. Also hooking up friends gives me a good vibe. Looking for pairs they were looking for.

The pairs i like the most of my own is the asics x woei gl3 "cervidae" just because it made me start collecting again is this my all time favorite pair. And for every asics model i got that model grail. Like i copped my GT-ll grail last weekend on sneakerness the asics x bbb berlin cream .

I also love diadora allot and my favorite pair that i own are the Solebox x diadora n9000 ferro.

Oliver Berg