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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 47 - @Acyyw201


Hey guys!

When I was a kid in primary school, I saw my cousins wearing awesome AirJordan and New Balance. Some times they would lend me a few spare pairs for wearing. Since then I started to fall in love with sneakers.
After I grownup and became financially capable, I started my collecting and sneakers photograph journey.

My sneaker addiction started maybe eleven or twelve years old when Michael Jordan was ruling the NBA. When you talk about New Balance, it was like 4-5 years back when I really fell in love with this brand all of a sudden. As you may know, majority part of my collections are New Balance. Obsessed with the Big N logo and its premium quality.

I enjoy collecting sneakers and taking on feet photos bring me a lot of fun. But the best part of it should be the interactions among the various collectors, sneaker designers and many many friends I met during this journey. I made a lot of good friends through buying/selling/bidding sneakers or sharing views and experience on certain particular sneaker model. We will also have regular sneakerheads gathering in Hong Kong. The gathering can be in form of dinner, outdoor group phototaking sessions or queueing up outside sneakers store for latest collab release.....

I also have chance to interact with a few sneaker boutique founders, owners or shoe designers. I was able to communicate with them through the social media channel and directly purchase some of their 1 of 1 unreleased sample pairs or ID pairs(for example SNS co-owner Erik's new balance 577 ID pairs and former Solebox owner Hikmet's unreleased new balance 670 sample). These pairs are the ultimate grails in many sneaker heads' eyes and I am glad to own a few of them.

was also lucky enough to visit Solebox in my recent trip to Berlin and met the Sugoer brothers.

My favorite pair is the New balance M1700BAR.  I searched this pair for around two years in order to fulfil a personal commitment in a past relationship. However,due to certain reasons, I broke my promise and this pair still sits there to be unds. It always reminds me to treasure everything you have, don't take it for granted and to be thankful for what it makes you as a good person today.

Thank you. Peace!



Oliver Berg