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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 51 - @JB_Lost

My name is John Garry aka.@JB_lost, and I currently reside in Kansas City, MO…. not Kansas City, Kansas. I moved here after receiving my MBA from CSU (Colorado State University) in Ft. Collins, CO. It was here I met my better half and together we made the move to the Mid West to pursue our careers. I know when people here “Kansas City” they have a pre-disposition for what type of city is, but let me assure you I moved here with the same reservations and it has turned into one of the best decisions of my life. The people are great, the nightlife is fantastic, and it just an all around great city….minus the serious lack of runner collectors…its Jay’s for days in this neck of the woods.

I first started getting really into sneaker when I was like 11 or 12 and my pops brought me home a fresh new pair of the Jordan Aqua 8’s. I immediately feel in love with the pair and wore them until the soles fell off. As a young kid, I thought the “carpet” patch on the tongue was as cool as it gets. From then I moved into Nike SB (bear in mind this is when the brand first started) and got real serious, real quick. I always used my own money to secure my pairs but I believe at one point in my collecting career I owned every Gold, Pink, and Blue Box Nike SB ever dropped. As I got older (late teens/college) and continuing to the present I have devoted all my collected to runners. There are just so many different brands and models to explore the opportunities to expand into new brands/models is endless.

I got real serious about collecting when I was a freshman in HS. Probably around age 14-15. This was my big Nike SB faze and I spent every dime I could scrounge up from random work on my kicks. I was so passionate about the collecting aspect. Mind you this was WAY before Facebook and Instagram was a thing so my collecting started well before what I call the “Flex Era” of sneaker collecting. I just recently turned 30yrs old so I would say I have been a “serious” collector for coming up on 15yrs now.

The thing I enjoy most about sneakers is that the all have a meaning. Brands don’t just throw shit together…there is a rhyme and reason to all CW that are made. When it comes to collaborations I love to see the way shops and brands can work together and create something special. I buy my sneakers to wear, I do not re-sell and I wear every pair I own. I do make trades every once and a while but that just helps keep things fresh in the rotation! Sneakers give me a way to express myself. Depending on how I’m feeling, what I’m doing or where I’m going I know that somewhere in my labyrinth of sneakers the perfect pair for any situation is just waiting to be found!

This is a very difficult question for me as I go through phases. I have 5 pairs that never leave my top 10:

* Kangaroos x Overkill Shop Coil R-1 “Abyss Flip”

 Shape and quality materials on this pair are second to none


* Solebox x New Balance 1500BGT “Nazar Eye”

The simple color blocking with the hits of teal and gum sole set this sneaker off!


* LFSTL x New Balance 577BGP “Kakkerlak”

From the CW to the Croc leather and the rocket shape..it really doesn’t get better


* Slam Jam Socialism x Asics GLiii “5th Dimension”

Those gradient greys and killer CW…what more could you ask for?


* SNKR FRKR x Puma BOG “Sharkbait”

I am a sucker for teal sneakers and these take the cake is that respect!


I have several other pairs that are “favorites” but these are the ones that never fade away.

Oliver Berg