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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 53 - @Walksonheat


I was born and raised in north London England.For the first 25 years of my life this was my home but then I moved to north hertfordshire where I now live with my beautiful family although I'm still only a stones throw away from London.

I don't think I can remember the first thing that may of triggered my love for sneakers but all I do know is it was from a very early age. From going shopping with my parents as a youngster and seeing various shoes through the windows of sports shops to seeing sneakers on random people in the street that I may have not seen before, sneakers have always been a big attraction to me and always stood out as the main feature in any outfit,since I can remember me and my school friends had always been interested in the latest shoes no matter the brand,shape, colours visible air units or not, hi-top,low-cut,court shoes or runners we loved them all. It was always a natural thing for me to always have what I considered to be the best kicks on my feet as they were like trophies that I could wear and also various pairs that I could match with different outfits.

I cannot put a specific date or even year as to when I first got into sneakers but they have been a passion of mine from an early age. Although I may have quietened down at certain times in my life growing up they were always there in the background. Since I can remember I always wanted the freshest,up to date and sometimes most popular sneakers on my feet. One of my earliest memory's is of my parents getting me some Nike hi-top Blazers in white leather back in 1991 although I may of not know exactly what I was wearing I loved what they were and remember taking care of them kinda the way I do with my kicks to date. So from memory's in primary school of me begging my parents to get me a pair of AIRMAX 96 II's to going to visit family in LA and getting a pair of exclusive Nike Tn's the love for kicks has always been with me.

I love pretty much everything about sneakers haha, from the designs to materials used to the concept and stories and backgrounds of certain pairs/brands. I always look forward to seeing what is coming next whilst at the same time comparing old silhouettes and styles to more present pairs. Another big part of sneakers that I enjoy is the scene that surrounds it and the way that such a thing can bring you to certain events and meets people that share the love for the same thing. Although I enjoy photographing all my kicks,being able to have such a collection has me honoured to be part of the past and present of the worlds sneaker community.

As most collectors I don't think I could ever label just one pair in my personal collection as my favourite kicks but the ASICS GEL LYTE III is probably my favourite silhouette so from the Afew x Asics GL3 "KOI" and the recently released SlamjamSocialism x Asics GL3 "6th PRLLL" to the Ronnie Fieg x Asics GL3 "flamingo" and my AIRMAX 1 x Shima Shima from 2003.

But I love them all the same.

Oliver Berg