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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 55 - @Joeyjcbs

Hello, my name is Joey, 24 years old and I'm from a small village in the Netherlands. It's called Zeeland and located between Nijmegen and Eindhoven.

I started my interest in sneakers like 4 years ago, when I bought my first pair of Air Max 1's, it's a long but nice story though.

In high school I had a friend, Jurgen. After 2 years I went to another high school, and we (too bad) lost all contact.

After a couple years, I was looking on a forum about Volkswagens (that's one of my other hobby's) and came across a picture of a nice car, and saw his name in the shot as a watermark.. Which reminded me of him, and made me look for him on Facebook. After I found him, we started talking again and surprisingly we had the same interests! Low cars and the photography of it.

We started hanging out and going to some car events, and Jurgen always wore the nicest trainers.

As we were talking more and more, my interest in sneakers was starting to grow, and decided to buy my first pair of AM1's, the Team Red's.. Nothing special, just a general release. But my love for sneakers started.

What I enjoy the most about sneakers is the hunt for that 1 Grail (or 10 grails..) And the people you meet while hunting for that 1 pair. I have met so much great people and I dare to call them friends also. Even though, some are more like family!

I love spending time with them, and taking the nice shots of their latest pick ups.

I really like to photograph sneakers in my own way, through my own eyes and through my own lens and perspective, as you can see on my Instagram.

I don't really have a lot of shoes, but I love every single pair of them. If I have to choose my 3 favorites, I think it will be:

1. Asics x Highs and Lows "Silver Screen" 25th Anniversary

2. Asics x Patta Gel Respector "Anime"

3. Vans x Syndicate x Golf Wangs

And by any luck, I have copped one of my grails today! They are on their way now, hope to receive them pretty soon. I'm talking about the Air Max 95 x Parra "Running Man's"!

Well, this is who I am, what I love and what I do, thanks for reading! You can check my Instagram for my photography and my sneakers!

Greetings, Joey

Oliver Berg