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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 58 - @Dxxxo

hey guys!

I live in Jakarta, one of the largest city of Indonesia with more than 23 million people living in.

It's all started when I'm in midschool, everyone had their own Converse All Star Black/White, at that time it was the creme de la creme of everyday beaters, the uber cool, and I'm just wearing a pair of 'New Basket', a chinese made, fugazi version of them. So I started saving til I can afford a pair of them. It was $10 and my allowance just $0.5 a day. So when I finally get it, I coated the 'Chuck Taylor' heel tab with clear acrylic spray just to make sure it won't fade easily..

Got serious spend and collecting when I finally got my first job as designer, I guess it was 9 years ago.. and now I develop Kontainr, a sneaker display box made from acrylic, you can customized your own size.. pls take a look at our instagram: @kontainr

What I like about sneakers is to cop & flip it hard! -kidding, Of course besides collecting its the history behind them, materials, colors, technology, the process..just like how many samples are made before it finally released, basically how its made, because I studied Product Design so everything behind them is just fascinating. To love something, you don't always have to own them.


Lately I just blot out my collection, so for the time being I just consider a sneaker that works on & off the track (I hope I can do my first marathon this year), so the answer is the Puma Ignite Proknit, it's better than the Ultra Boost, believe me!!!



Oliver Berg