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I am a sneakerhead

I am a sneakerhead episode 59 - @Deadpool_shvngrs

Yarrr Mates,

My name is Konur @a.k.a deadpool_shvngrs a.k.a shoevengers ( 1/12 of the Team:))

Born in Munich and raised up in Nuremberg.

My Sneaker-Story starts in the year 1999, the day I became my first pair of Etnies Cyprus, White with a hint of Yellow as Colorway.

Man I can tell you, I was in Love with that pair!

Since that I began to collect Sneakers, and not just wear them. It was the year 2001 as my Skateboarding time was over and HipHop was the “New” thing.

Air Force 1´s in all colors was the next Period of my Life, about 30 Pairs, a Wall full of shoes. Geez I was so Proud of Myself.

My Friends called me crazy by that time! My parents thought that I maybe should`ve become a girl because of my Shoe addiction. They grew up in Turkey, and had 1 pair of shoes for a couple of years on that time! So it was beyond their little minds, what my plan was and that I need all of the Sneakers, even if I have just 1 Pair of Feet and can´t wear them all at the same time:)

So my Collection went Bigger, and Bigger, and Bigger!

Here a Nike Cortez, there a Adidas Superstar, oh Boy I even need that Pair of Pro Keds :D

I was alone with my Collection for most of the Years, until I Decided to Camp for the New Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Turtle Grey,

It was a “Good Luck with getting your Pair, its too late” decision, Release on Saturday, went to the Store on Friday. There was a big Group of People already Camping in front of my Local Shop, List is Full!

“Damn” I was thinking, “since I am already here, Fuck it, I am staying!” I said to myself. And it was the Best days ever! Someone didn’t make their Checktimes and I was on the list! The Boys and I become Friends very Quick and I felt like I knew them for years! After that Camp out we had a Connection, we thought we can make something Cool out of our Hobby´s!

We Became the “Shoevengers” ;)

Friends, more like Family!

Since then we Camp together, take Photos together, going out to Party, eating Burger or just hang out! Like I said, Family!

As they say : Good Shoes takes You Good Places!

The thing I enjoy the most about being a “Sneakerhead” is that the Community is just as crazy as I am! ;) We are Individuals not just on our Feet! It is a lifestyle feeling that I can´t see in other Groups.

I´ve made hundreds of new Friendships over the time since then, but I never felt so Welcome anywhere like in this scene!

With the beginning of this Year I fulfilled a long lasting Dream. (for a short time i´ve had the Frozen song “Let it go “ in my head)

I was on the Hunt for a Pair of Atmos x Nike Air Max 1´s “The Animal”, either it was to expensive, or not my Size, or I had other Priorities on that time!

After 5 years of desperately searching I have a Pair that I can call my own, shortened the Grail List by One!

But as you all know, the Hunt is never over! Still got a couple Milestones to reach before I retire and tell the story to my little Daughter ;) (Btw she´s 6 month´s old, cant walk but own´s 6 Pair of Shoes atm, big Thanks to her Shoevenger´s uncle´s ;))

For example, here is my Top-List of “I am in friggin´ need of” shoes:

Nike Air Yeezy 2 NRG – Solar Red´s

Patta x Parra x Nike Air Max 1 “Burgundy”

Nike SB Dunk Low – Tiffany

Ronnie Fieg x Acics Gel Lyte III – Salmon Toe

As you can see there is a long way to go:)


Until then my favorite Pairs in my Current Rotation would be:

Nike Air Max 1 Supreme x Atmos “Animal”

Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte III – Homage

Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 1600 – Daytona

Concepts x New Balance m997 – New York a.k.a Tiffany

Sneakerfreaker x Puma Blaze of Glory – Bloodbath

I think I am not the only one with the struggle of wearing the same Pair of shoes for two following days;)

There are still too many good Gr´s or Collabs that I need inside my Closet, like a lifegoal to own so many Shoes that I can wear a different Pair for every day of the Year!

Or Collect so much that my Wife kicks me out xD

So, if you´re still reading this it is either Fascinating or you are Bored ;)


Anyways Thank you for reading and Thank You Epsilon Magazine for giving me the Chance to tell my story.

Good Hunt to all of you and Keep up your dreams

I could go all day long with phrases like : rock, don´t stock, and stuff but in the end we all know what to do with the Sneakers : GET THEM OUT ON THE STREETS!:)

And as Michael Jordan said : It´s not about the Shoes. It´s about what you do in them! (well, it is a little bit about the shoes, a little bit more, ok it is about the shoes)

Make sure to check out Shoevengers Instagram & Facebook


Oliver Berg